Who We Are

We partner with your team to optimize growth strategies, define your marketing goals and increase performance.

Mike Kennedy, Founder

Mike started his career twenty years ago in ad sales specializing in partnerships between luxury watch brands and New York professional sports teams. Eventually leaving the advertising and marketing world to pursue an opportunity in finance, he spent eight years as an equity trader and partner building a firm acquired by RBC Capital Markets. 

Having gained a wealth of experience managing day-to-day operations, developing a team, and growing a small business, Mike returned to marketing and branding in founding Warhawk Advisors. Since then, he has acted as a fractional CMO for clothing manufacturers, breweries, distilleries, financial advisors, and other emerging consumer goods businesses. 

Mike combines his operational, small business management, coaching, and financial backgrounds to liaison between leadership and both internal and external teams, positioning them for success.

Mike is a commercially licensed pilot and spent ten years flying vintage WWII aircraft across the Northeast, honoring veterans, and supporting a 501c3 Aviation Museum and educational foundation.

Why Choose Warhawk

As your business builds success and grows, your team and your brand must grow with you. Shifting from start-up to scale-up requires your team to understand where they came from and where they aim to go. No one is more equipped to provide that perspective than the people that have created your success to date. That’s why, whether you are an emerging or legacy brand adapting to the changes in the market, Warhawk works with your existing team to develop collaborative strategies and marketing solutions tailored to the strengths of your business's culture.

What Makes Warhawk Unique

We use our deep expertise to guide your team to success, while also providing a cost-efficient solution to bridge the gaps that come with growth. We enjoy watching your success as much as we enjoy achieving our own.

You are the Warhawk

The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk entered WWII as the perceived underdog. Warhawk pilots needed to accept weaknesses and quickly identify any advantage to carry out their mission successfully. Ultimately, the Warhawk found success in every operational scenario it was tasked to undertake and made itself entirely invaluable for Allied victory. The Warhawk built a reputation for being rugged, versatile, and operating in the harshest of conditions.

Growing businesses are often perceived as underdogs when entering an arena with larger and more established brands. The need to approach that period equipped with strategies that provide the highest probability of success often makes the difference.

“In the hands of a skilled pilot, the P-40 could exceed its limitations and could out-maneuver and out-fight anything in the sky”
- Flying Tiger Ace David L. “Tex” Hil