February 27, 2020

Saucy Brew Works: External to Internal

Saucy Brew Works, a new Cleveland-based Brewery, developed their brand using an external agency for all marketing and advertising needs. They soon identified the need to create an internal marketing team that didn't require the founders to take their eye off the ball.

Warhawk partnered with Saucy to lay the foundation for an internal marketing team and execution strategy which allowed leadership to focus on recruitment and hiring. When a candidate was found, through their partnership with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Warhawk was able to facilitate a smooth transition from the external team to the new hire.


Saucy has continued to grow across Ohio, opening three additional locations in Detroit, Columbus, and Pinecrest. Their internal marketing team has maintained an incredible level of creativity and talent, executing the vision of the Saucy founders to an outstanding level. Saucy has been voted best brewery in Cleveland, engages actively with their community, and consistently thinks outside the box. They celebrated their 4th year in business in 2021.

"Had the pleasure of working with Mike on all forms of social media as it relates to Saucy Brew Works. Mike handled communication via our twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. He has a depth of knowledge in the space and a fantastic working understanding of how to best utilize each platform. I would recommend him to anyone. We will certainly use his help in the future."  -Brent Zimmerman Co-Founder Saucy Brew Works