February 27, 2020

Vacutherm/IDry: Brand Transformation

After 30 years of manufacturing industrial wood drying vacuum kiln technology, the next generation at Vacutherm stepped in to take over the business. The new CEO wanted to take a fresh look at the last 30 years and develop a plan for the next 30. Warhawk partnered with Vacutherm to employ clever marketing strategies to both connect with their buyers and identify the most successful path forward.

The Result

Years of customization led to the perfect moisture content for classical instruments, baseball bats used by the MLB, and guitars made by Taylor and Fender. This created a premier product that became unattainable by the little guy. Capital requirements, staggered payment schedules, and the sheer scale and complexity of the operation made  high-volume industrial production needs extremely difficult.

Marketing, partnerships and outreach to the buyer base identified a clear demand for smaller scale, less customized kilns. The iDry division of the business was born, providing a viable option for specialty furniture makers, custom lumber yards, and up-and-coming artists. Financing options and higher volume production led to more reliable manufacturing and cash flow.

iDry continues to grow as a business and maintain their newly discovered open dialogue with their buyer.

"Mike has helped put our business on the map thanks to his approach to social media and marketing strategy. I think we might value his consultation on business strategy as much as the sales resulting from his PR and Marketing approach." – Jim Parker President iDry/Vacutherm